Easiest Countries To Get Student Visa From Nigeria

Student Visa From Nigeria

Easiest Country To Get Student Visa From Nigeria

Are you an aspiring student thinking of studying abroad? Are you Looking for countries that’ll easily give you a study visa from Nigeria?

The easiest country to get a student visa from Nigeria is: Canada

In this article, I will list the cheapest country to study for Nigerian students,  this top 10 list contains countries that give you student visas and won’t tear up your account.

Have you been asking these questions: Which country is easiest to get a student visa? Which country is easy to get a visa from in Nigeria? Which countries accept international students easily? especially if you are a Nigerian then this article is especially for you.

1) Canada 

Canada is a peaceful country where most Nigerians go to study, you can also work and study in Canada from Nigeria.

More than 120,000 international students are admitted into Canadian institutions and colleges every year, Her country boasts of a low crime rate and a quiet, safe atmosphere which attracts many Nigerian students to Canadian universities.

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Canada is a prosperous country which is more reason why Nigerians love this county more, Canada offers the best education at a very affordable price without reducing its standard.

This are the list of universities that are the best in Canada, according to the QS global ranking:

The University of Toronto
McGill University
The University of British Columbia
The Université de Montréal
The University of Alberta.

Want to study in Canada as a Nigerian? These are the requirements you will need to get a study permit in Canada.

2) Germany

Germany is also another accessible country to get a student visa from Nigeria, Germany also provides a tuition-free education, yes you read it right, most colleges in Germany don’t charge international students.

In 2014, the Government approved a decision to abolish international fees in most colleges making Germany not only the cheapest country to study in Africa but the cheapest country for international students, worried about the language barrier. English-language programs are also accessible while you study German.

Mechanical Engineering, Business Administration, European Studies, Area & Cultural Studies, Management, Organisation & Leadership are the few courses Nigerian students choose to study in Germany.

3) United Kingdom (UK)

Aside from the USA, Universities in the UK are among the best Universities in the world this is one of the major reason most international students wants to school in the UK.

Previously the immigration policies in the Uk were severe, causing many prospective students to turn away from studying in this country but recently, the policies have been relaxed to allow more international students into their country making them among the easiest country to get a student visa from Nigeria

4) United States 

The United States Of America has the best schools in the world.

Universities like Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Stanford University are the three best universities in the world, this is the major reason why most international student wants to school over there.

Donald Trump once placed a ban on most countries migrating to the US including Nigeria this affected the intake of students from Nigeria and other countries but the ban has been reversed now irrespective of your country, you can choose the US as your place of study. You can also  study in USA from Nigeria

5) Ukraine 

Ukraine is also among the easiest country to get a student visa from Nigeria, unlike other countries aforementioned you don’t need IELTS  and TOEFL language tests or JAMB and other university entry tests, all of which complicate and harden the university admission process in Nigeria.

Ukraine also has one of the cheapest yet best education systems, According to 2019 statistics, there are more than 4300 Nigerian students studying in Ukraine, studying medicine/surgery, engineering, and social sciences, to postgraduate programs.

6) Australia

Recently, Australia needs more immigrants, so this means easy student visa application. Universities in Australia comparatively have some of the best facilities in the world, and it is ethnically diverse.

Australia has quickly become a very popular go-to study country for aspiring students from Nigeria, as they are attracted by the prospect of putting the skills they have learned to good use in the local economy.

7) New Zealand

New Zealand hosts over 100,000 international students every year, they have one of the easiest visa procedures to obtain an international student visa, while low population, high national income, economic stability, and lucrative job opportunities attract students. New Zealand is a great choice to apply for a student visa from Nigeria or as a Nigerian.

8) Ireland

Ireland is also the easiest to obtain your student visa from Nigeria although it is a  less popular destination, especially among Nigerians, however, if you seek quality education, then Ireland is one country you should look into.

Ireland, which is a favourite place for both students and tourists whose capital city is Dublin, attracts attention with its unique natural landscapes, mild marine climate, rural life covered with lush green meadows, and cultural and historical richness. You can apply for  Irish student visa online.

9) Norway

10) Finland