What is Functional Integration Sociology With Examples

Functional Integration Sociology

In this article, we will discuss functional integration in sociology with examples. But before discussing this topic, let’s first define integration and sociology for a better understanding of this topic.

Integration is the process of combining two factors to achieve a specific goal in an effective way. While sociology simply means the study of human behavior, their living patterns, relationships with others, and part of culture linked with everyday life, As we can see, sociology is just like social science, which studies all the activities of humans. Let’s then go back to our main topic today.

What is functional integration in sociology?

Functional integration in sociology simply means the process by which many parts of a society work and contribute in order to maintain a stable and well-functioning society.

This mainly focuses on how parts of society like school, church, families, and government work in their own perspective in order to maintain order and stability.

Examples of functional integration in sociology


Families are just the first people to help shape society. They are to achieve this by training their children well in order to maintain a good society. Example: If a family teaches a child that stealing is bad and he or she should never endanger themselves by doing this, believe me, that child will pick up that advice, and this will help in preventing claims in society.


School helps educate children by teaching them how to interact with others and fostering social skills and a sense of community. Schools also help equip students, which in turn promotes and helps boost the economy in the future.


The church helps educate its members by enhancing their spiritual beliefs and also helps them connect with their faith and beliefs. By enhancing faith and spiritual beliefs, the church has the chance to teach its members how to live a good life and how to avoid bad behaviors. This, in turn, helps maintain a peaceful society.


According to Wikipedia, a government is the system or group of people governing an organized community, generally a state. The government makes laws and also enforces them; this helps maintain a lawful society and also helps fight off crimes and bad behavior among people. The government also provides social amenities for the benefit of everybody.

The importance of integration in sociology

Integration plays an important role in sociology, including:

  1. It helps promote social unity. Integration in sociology helps bring people of different beliefs together and promote social unity. It helps in creating a sense of community and belonging, which is a very important factor for a peaceful and stable society.
  2. It helps reduce social conflicts among people. By bringing people of different beliefs together, integration helps fight off social conflicts among people.
  3. It helps enhance cultural diversity. Integration allows for the exchange of ideas, values, and traditions between different cultures. This act enhances cultural diversity and promotes a more vibrant and dynamic society.
  4. It helps promote the economy of society. Integration can help promote individual and social economic outcomes. When people are integrated into the workforce, they can help promote the economy and improve their own financial standing.


Functional integration in sociology is a very important process in our society because it helps bring people of different beliefs together in order to achieve a good and stable society.